Introducing the Family First Lobby

A new initiative was launched this week to be a voice for families in New Zealand. The Family First Lobby will seek to influence public policy affecting the rights and protection of families and promote a culture that values the family.

In New Zealand, the married two-parent family is increasingly sidelined while the divorce rate skyrockets. More children are growing up without their dads and more solo mums are struggling to make ends meet. There is rising drug, alcohol abuse and violence in the community. Young girls are turning to prostitution and some are having abortions behind their parents’ back. Standards in the media and advertising are getting worse and political correctness is strangling free speech. All this is happening as we demand more rights but take less responsibility.

“I believe it is time for us to speak up for what is best for families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby. “New Zealanders need a voice that can lobby for strong families and safe communities, which is why we are starting the Family First Lobby.”

The Family First Lobby will
* Comment on the issues affecting families as they unfold in the media
* Build a network of like minded citizens concerned about New Zealand families who are able to express their views in the public arena
* Lobby politicians on key family issues and coordinate lobbying activities
* speak from a family friendly perspective with an emphasis on the Judeo-Christian values which have benefited New Zealand for generations.

The Family First Lobby website has already had 400 registrations since its launch on Monday.


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