The real loser in the Police rape case is……

The real loser in the rape trial of the Police Assistant Commissioner and colleagues is not the complainant.

It is “respect”…… the absence of respect for each other, for families, and for their actions 20 years ago.

Throughout this trial, the public has been subjected to media coverage of the details of group sex and behaviour unbecoming of the profession of these men.

“This is not just about 3 men found not guilty on a charge of rape,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby

“This was a lose-lose situation. All the parties have endured the hell of a public trial. The actions were committed when a defendant had a partner and children. It has cheapened the act of what should be an intimate sexual relationship between a man and a woman in a committed relationship, and has therefore affected relationships, the public perception of the Police, the lives of the complainant and the defendants, and of course their families.”

“And whether it was between consenting adults is irrelevant. A relationship between a student and a teacher may be consenting but it is still wrong, as is a relationship between a doctor and their patient.”

“For the sake of our children and families in this nation, we must learn from this trial that our actions, especially the intimacy of a sexual relationship, has a far deeper effect than just, as a defendant expressed, “a happy jovial time”.

“Family relationships are far more important and deeper than that. Strong families make a strong nation.”


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