For family’s sake, stop the street prostitution!

The Family First Lobby calls on all politicians concerned for the family in New Zealand to support legislation of local governments to stop street prostitution.

 “There are 6 reasons why street prostitution should be banned,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby.

F = Families should not be confronted by scantily clad women (and men) propositioning their dads (and sons) as they drive by or walk past to go to the shops with the kids.

A = Adolescent girls (and some boys) should not be encouraged into an industry because of money and then becoming victims to drugs, alcohol, being ripped off by pimps, and being at risk on the streets late at night from other prostitutes (turf wars) and men cruising the streets for easy sex (effectively rape of a child).

M = Men should not be encouraged to treat sex and women as consumer goods which they can purchase. This reduces sex to an act, similar to a dog, and ignores the other factors of relationship, commitment and respect. Effectively we are encouraging men to think that rape can be paid for and women are simply “goods”.

I = Intimidating behaviour, illicit drug use, substance abuse, used condoms in preschools, faeces on the ground, exploitation of vulnerable girls – these are examples of harm to the community and families

L = Laws effectively encourage or discourage behaviour. When politicians decriminalized prostitution, they attacked the family – they said to the teenagers it is an approved career choice where they can make big money – they said to dads that women don’t want to be treated with the same respect that men want (it is interesting that women don’t use prostitutes!) – they said to mums that their bodies were separate from their wellbeing and respect.

Y = “why” can’t the politicians admit they made a huge mistake by decriminalizing prostitution. Prostitution has increased, murder of prostitutes has increased, teenage prostitution has increased, street prostitution has increased. The Act has failed – it has not protected prostitutes, it has not directed them to a safer environment, it has not stopped underage prostitutes. There is no such thing as safe prostitution!

 For the sake of our children and families, start fixing the problem – stop the street prostitution!


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