CYF should not be above the law

Child Youth and Family should not be allowed to penalise parents / caregivers and children by separating them from each other just because the parents / caregivers don’t follow a politically correct policy of not physically disciplining children enforced by CYF.

 “CYF is guilty,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby, “Guilty of punishing fantastic caregivers and parents who simply enforce strong boundaries as any good parent should. The case of the Eathornes on TV1’s Sunday programme (9 April 2006) and the treatment of the parents in the infamous Timaru ‘riding crop case’ are perfect examples of a government department who think they are above the law of New Zealand.”

In the case of the Timaru parents, CYF removed a son from his mum and dad despite the parents being found not guilty of any type of abuse when disciplining, and despite the school admitting that the behaviour of the child had improved dramatically after the discipline.

 CYF then put the child on drugs (Risperdal and Ritalin) to modify his behaviour! He was subsequently expelled because of a deterioration in his behaviour. CYF seem to believe that drugs are better than discipline!

 In the case of the Eathornes, physical discipline (4 whacks on the hand with a wooden spoon) for vandalism by the boy, costing over $5,000 to repair, has resulted in the Eathornes considered inappropriate as caregivers for CYF. CYF were willing to rely on the testimony of an at-risk child rather than a couple who have provided a fantastic service for the State looking after these types of kids for many years.

 “I would rather have the Eathornes looking after my kids than any CYF Social Worker,” says Bob McCoskrie. “The Eathornes seem to be effective parents who love their kids and because they love their kids, know that there are certain types of discipline appropriate to certain misdemeanours.”

 CYF ideology does not understand the huge difference between smacking and child abuse. They illustrate a bully boy government department who will break up families who uphold the law.



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