Parental neglect must stop

Two problems affecting children have been highlighted in the past week.

The first is the problem of obesity, with as many as 1/3rd of kiwi children overweight or obese, some kiwi children becoming too fat for their car seats, and a subsequent call for a ban on the advertising of high fat high sugar products targeting children.

The second is late night tv viewing by school children, and research showing that over 10% of young children were watching adult tv programmes at 9.30pm.

 “Both of these problems are directly attributable to parental neglect,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First Lobby. “Parents must take responsibility for turning the tv off and ensuring kids get a good nights’ rest. They must also protect their children from the immorality that is prevalent in so much of the media.

The media and the Broadcasting Standards Authority have never been, and never will be, a moral watchdog for our children or families.

Likewise, parents must take responsibility for their kids’ diet. While government policy of encouraging both parents to work doesn’t make it easy to prepare nutritious meals, we still can’t blame anyone but parents for a bad diet. It is not McDonald’s or Burger King’s fault.

This is not the time for even more government intervention and regulations.

 “It is time for parents to simply exercise their responsibility and authority, and to fulfil their role as parents.”

For the sake of our children, parents must use the remote, get children to bed on time, encourage regular physical activity, and monitor the diet of their kids.

It is not the government’s job – it is the parents.



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