Same sex relationship not acceptable for Greens!

Women are excluded from running for the co-leadership of the Green Party today because the party’s constitution specifically states that the leadership must consist of a man and a woman.

The leadership policy is ironic from a party that has trumpeted tolerance and diversity, railed against sexism, and demanded same sex relationships,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby.

The silence of the pro gay marriage, feminist, and equal opportunity groups is also deafening.”

 However, the Family First Lobby applauds the Green Party for acknowledging that men and women bring different strengths and qualities to leadership, and thereby acknowledging that our families also do best with both male and female leadership – the traditional and time proven definition of family.

The Greens are quite correct to realize that men and women bring different strengths and qualities to leadership,” says Bob McCoskrie.

This is why the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that every child has the right to their mother and a father.

 “The weight of research evidence over the last 3-4 decades also backs up that the best environment for children to grow up in is with their dad and mum who are in a happy stable marriage.”

 The Family First Lobby looks forward to renewed support of the Greens towards marriage, the rights of a child to grow up with their mum and dad, and acknowledgement that men and women are actually different – which is all good!


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