$9.5m won’t solve student behaviour problems

The Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) says that schools are facing deteriorating student behaviour including fighting, intimidation and disruption, and welcomes $9.5m over 4 years from the government to solve the problem.

But $2.4m per year is not going to solve a problem that is a direct result of declining discipline standards in schools and undermining parental authority,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby.

The parental role is being undermined in a number of ways as highlighted over recent weeks:

  • a father having to take the law into his own hands because a school won’t deal adequately with violent bullying towards his daughter

  • students having to get a note to visit the zoo on a field trip, but allowed out to protest at a youth wage rate rally during school time without prior parental permission

  • teenagers lined up on a Monday morning outside the nurses’ office for the Morning After pill, with no dialogue directed towards the parents responsible for these children

  • the suggestion that a student on bail for murder can legally return to school and associate with other students despite the protests of parents

  • teenagers being “sneaked off’ for abortions without the parents needing to be informed

 Minister of Education Steve Maharey says “Discipline in schools is not just about controlling those students who cause problems.”

Isn’t it?

In the latest crime statistics, the Police have identified that the “baby blip” of the late 80’s to 1990 means an increase of children flowing into the prime criminal age of 15 to 24.

These youth entered a system of education and society where discipline and responsibility were replaced by the politically correct nonsense of childrens’ rights,” says Bob McCoskrie. “It is significant that corporal punishment in schools stopped in 1990 also! We now have a generation of children who have been victims of a social experiment of how best to raise our kids. And it continues with the ideological drive to ban smacking – another example of undermining parental authority and “state knows best”.”

 Student behaviour will continue to deteriorate for as long as we tell them that their rights are more important than their responsibilities, that proper parental authority is subject to the rights of teenagers, and that there will be no consequences of any significance or effectiveness for what they do.

 No amount of government funding will stop that decline.



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