Change the Censors – for the sake of families

The Family First Lobby supports the call by the Society for Promotion of Community Standards to urgently replace both the members of the Film and Literature Board of Review, and the Chief and Deputy Censors.

 “The Chief and Deputy Censor have been responsible for the release of brutal rape and sexually violent films,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby, “all at a time in which domestic violence, demand for Women’s Refuges, and violent and sexual crime is on the increase. The recent Police figures also showed abnormal sex and immoral behaviour nearly doubled in the past year!”

Movies cleared by the Censors and Board include Baise Moi which features a four and a half-minute explicit and close-up depiction of a women being brutally raped and sodomised, Irreversible featuring a nine-minute depiction of a young pregnant woman being sodomised by a drug-crazed homosexual who fantasises that he is raping a young boy, and Visitor Q which features a lengthy depiction of the brutal rape of a young woman, the sexual violation of the corpse (necrophilia), sexual violation in association with human excrement and the mutilation of a corpse for sexual titillation.

There are also a huge numbers of hard core obscene DVDs that are cleared for adult (R18) home viewing ‘entertainment’ every month,” says Mr McCoskrie, ”which are easily accessible to young people, as evidenced by the number of teenagers who have played Grant Theft Auto, despite its R18 status.

Criminal activities such as rape, sexual violation of corpses, and degrading, demeaning and dehumanising treatment of women have been reduced to supposed ‘entertainment’ by these films.”

The Minister of Internal Affairs, in response to a call for the replacing of the Board, said in Parliament that we must “accept that the standards of what are acceptable and objectionable today differ from those when I was growing up in the 1960’s”.

 The Family First Lobby totally disagrees.

Rape, necrophilia, sexual violence and degrading treatment of women are, and will always be, wrong! We need Censors and a Censorship Board who will act in the best interests of all NZ’ers and families,” says Mr McCoskrie.



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