Polls show overwhelming support for retaining s59

STUFF website July 2006 82% (6700 votes!)

TVNZ website July 2006 88%

Bay of Plenty Times May 2006 83%

Child Abuse Conference Feb 2006 82%

STUFF website Feb 2006 84%

Dominion Post Feb 2006 82%

STUFF website March 2005 86%

NZ Herald July 2005 71%

STUFF website June 2005 82%

Polls over many years and through various means (not just web-based) have averaged 82% support

for good parenting skills including the ability to smack when appropriate, a technique tested over many generations and proved to succeed.

The voters in these polls were recipients of this type of discipline when they were kids – are now parents themselves – and are the first to acknowledge that it is effective, doesn’t cause psychological damage(!), doesn’t turn people into violent criminals, and is totally different to child abuse!!

The only groups who are out of step with NZ parents are government-controlled or government-funded organisations like the Children’s Commission, Family’s Commission, Human Rights Commission, and groups like Barnados, Plunket, Save the Children, UNICEF and others – ironically groups who should be protecting the interests of families!

We call on MP’s to acknowledge the common sense of kiwis, to support good parents doing a great job by rejecting Sue Bradford’s bill, and to tackle the real contributing factors to child abuse like drug abuse, family breakdown, domestic violence and poverty.

Education is needed for the few parents and caregivers who can’t, or won’t, acknowledge the difference between

smacking and child abuse. But please don’t penalise all good parents because of a few rogue ones.


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