Court decision against residential brothel is victory for families

Family First congratulates the Hamilton City Council for succeeding in their High Court decision backing its Prostitution Bylaw. The bylaw stated that brothels could only be sited in the main industrial and central city commercial areas.

This was in response to a clear message, from not only Hamilton ratepayers but from many NZ’ers to Councils around NZ, that they wanted brothels and private sex workers banned from residential areas and within 100-250m of schools, marae, childcare centres and churches,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of the Family First Lobby.

Unfortunately, the Prostitution Reform Act was so fundamentally flawed in a number of areas that Councils around NZ have been able to be challenged by brothel owners in court to have the bylaws defeated – and have been successful in Christchurch and Auckland so far.”

Hamilton’s victory will hopefully give encouragement to other City Councils to fight to defend their bylaws which protect families from residential brothels.”

We also call on MP’s to acknowledge the weaknesses of the Act, including the ineffectiveness against street prostitution, and to introduce legislation which allows Councils to respond to the voices of NZ families in their area without having to go through the costly court process,” says Mr McCoskrie.



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