Gross media intrusion into death of twin babies

The media is guilty of gross intrusion into the sudden deaths of the 3 month old Titahi Bay twins found dead by their parents on Saturday.

While the public is entitled to news of a public interest and the media entitled to provide it, this should be offset against the rights of privacy for a family grieving,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First. “This family has had to endure 24 hours of suspicion that the twins may have been murdered. That is an unacceptable burden for these parents in the absence of any proof.”

There is also absolutely no need for the children to be publicly named as has occurred, or for the publication of a photo of the house, which would easily identify the family home to those interested enough to find out, on the front page of 2 major daily newspapers.”

Our concern is that every sudden death, which Police quite rightly examine to determine whether there are suspicious circumstances, will become media fodder before the facts are established,” says Mr McCoskrie. “And then a grieving family is subject to huge and unnecessary public attention at a time when they need privacy and support.”

The similarities between this tragedy and the unsolved murders of the Kahui twins does not give licence to the media to intrude into the life of a family who are already going through hell.

The media needs to exercise more judgment and sensitivity in this area, and they owe an apology to this family.”


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