Bradford links smacking with sexual perversion

05 Oct 2006
Green MP Sue Bradford has made a speech to MAP- Movement for Alternatives to Prison about her take on peoples’ views of the repeal of section 59 of the Crimes Act.
In it she claims:
* Christans who submit to the select committee have said that opponents of her bill condone ” brutalising” of small children.
* She has had threats of defamation. (In fact she has had only one informal threat and that wasn’t for anything that was defamatory).
* There is a connection between sexual perversion and the “beating” of children. In fact she said that there was a “legacy of hidden sexual violence practised on children and young people under a mantle of so-called discipline” accentuated by groups such as Carey College and Tyndale Park Christian Schools.
* Parents who smack their children feel guilty for doing so, and that is why they want the law left as it is.
Read the speech and make your own judgement
You can email Sue Bradford [email protected]

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