Dalrymple has a relentless itinerary meetings with policy makers, community leaders, dinner speeches and media interviews.

Dr Anthony Daniels (better known by his pen name, Theodore Dalrymple) arrived from England yesterday ready to share his experience and provocative views on ways of preventing social vandalism caused by criminals.

He has seen the growth of a dispirited, crime-ridden underclass in Britain and believes NZ is following a similar downward path, as a result of “policies that have given us squalor in the midst of extreme wealth”.

Dalrymple says of politicians, “they are simply limping after a problem they themselves have created”.

“To deal with the problems of modern society,
hard thought, confrontation
with an often unpleasant reality,
& moral courage are needed,
for which a vague
and self-congratulatory
is no substitute.”
Theodore Dalrymple


Dalrymple kicks off his tour tomorrow with two high profile interviewers:

National Radio:
At 10am tomorrow morning he will be in-studio with Kathryn Ryan on National Radio’s 9-noon programme.

Campbell Live:
At 7pm tomorrow night Dalrymple will be part of a ½ hour panel discussion hosted by John Campbell about the ‘Cradle to Jail’ dilemma.

The next 10 days:
Dalrymple has a full schedule every day. He will be travelling around meeting with senior public servants, policy makers, legislators and lawyers, judges, educationalists and community leaders to engage them in solution finding to prevent the Cradle to Jail lifestyle for our children.


WELLINGTON 12 – 2pm Wednesday 11th October*
Ground Floor, BP House, 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington (formerly known as the BP Theatrette)
* almost fully booked

NAPIER 6pm – 8pm Friday 13th October
Century Theatre 6pm – entry from Herschell Street or Marine Parade Tickets $10 from the Theatre 06 835 7781

TAURANGA 1pm – 5pm Tuesday 17th October
Baycourt Exhibition Room from 1pm
Entry by donation

AUCKLAND 7:30pm Wednesday 18th October
Centennial Theatre at Auckland Grammar School off Khyber Pass
Tickets $10 from Ticketek or 09 3075000 (booking fee will apply)

“We can now confirm another element to the Auckland public meeting – is Kevin McNeil, son of Lois Dear, the primary school teacher who was murdered in her classroom in Tokoroa earlier this year will be speaking alongside Dalrymple”, said Cradle to Jail spokesman, Garth McVicar.

Dalrymple is considered a leading expert on the subject of criminals, criminal behaviour, victims of crime and impoverished communites.

“We’re bringing Theodore out to really elevate the debate, to highlight the folly of policies that have allowed crime against children and by children to escalate. We want to offer solutions that will help bring a stop to the Cradle to Jail crime cycle”.

The Cradle to Jail Coalition:

3 high profile trusts have pooled resources and created the Cradle to Jail Coalition to fund Dalrymple’s Tour.

The trusts are Sensible Sentencing Trust, For the Sake of our Children Trust and Family First New Zealand.

More on Dalrymple & his itinerary:


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