Kiro’s proposal ignores parents

The proposal announced by the Children’s Commissioner to track the well being of children from birth isolates children from their parents and lets the state muscle in on the most private and loving of relationships.

“The Commissioner rightly wants all children to be safe, nurtured, educated and healthy, but she ignores the traditional context of nurture and care for children: the family,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First. “Where are ‘parents’ in this proposal? They don’t even get a mention,”

“The proposal is an extreme example of the nanny state. The government will soon be the third parent in every family,” says Mr McCoskrie. “But the state is not, and should not, be in charge of managing families’ lifestyle transitions. The Government does not, and should not, pack your child’s lunchbox on the first day of school,”

“Who gets to decide what is best for children? This report is clear; it’s Dr Kiro and the morass of bureaucracy that is going to surround this initiative. It is a licence for ‘professionals’ to interfere in families’ lives when there is no crime and no abuse,”

“This would fundamentally alter the relationship between the family and the state.”

“This proposal only gives the state more power at the expense of parents and the sooner it is abandoned the better,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“To really see children’s wellbeing improve, we must appreciate the central role that parents play and the importance of vibrant family life.”


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