Politicians must listen to voice of NZ’ers on anti-smacking bill

Family First is calling on politicians to listen to the voice of NZ’ers as polls and public response confirm that kiwis want s59 retained in its current form.

“2 more polls from yesterday confirm that over 80% of NZ’ers want s59 retained and that parents should be able to use reasonable force to correct their children,” says Bob McCoskrie, the National Director of Family First. “This is consistent with other polls over previous years.”

“Sue Bradford’s Bill is totally contrary to what the parents and families of NZ know is best for their children.”

“It is parents who are facing the daily challenges of raising their children, knowing what works best in terms of love, correction, protection, and boundaries. These parents are not child abusers or bad parents as implied by the supporters of repeal, and definitely shouldn’t be exposed to prosecution,” says Mr McCoskrie.

The message is quite clear to politicians – reject this Bill.

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