Forgiveness is a powerful tool at Christmas

12 December 2006
Author and Theologian Lewis B Smedes said To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover the prisoner was you. Justice depends on the effectiveness of the legal system. But offenders also have to deal with their own conscience, the legacy of their life, and their judgement to come. The recent death of Augusto Pinochet reported in this newspaper was rightly titled Judgement Day for Pinochet.
05 December 2006,
Childrens Needs, not Rights, should be the Focus Published in the Dominion Post 13 Dec 06 Bob McCoskrie  National Director Family First Parents have every right to be very nervous over recent media reports of cases involving the rise in Childrens Rights. ….A childs rights should never be at the expense of the parental right to nurture, protect and set boundaries in a family setting. Rights of children have been shifted from simply protecting vulnerable children to granting them rights that are destructive to them, to good parenting practice, and to the welfare of the whole family in which they are being raised.
Gays are too proud to confront AIDS, still the real killer
John Heard Sydney Morning Herald Opinion 01 Dec 06
FORGET gay marriage: the real story about homosexual Australians on this World AIDS Day is, once again and shamefully, an HIV/AIDS tragedy.
….It is time, then, that ordinary Australians – whether same-sex attracted like me, or otherwise – stood up and demanded more from leaders and activists. It is time to clear away the politically correct nonsense, to stop focusing on fripperies such as gay marriage and other diversions and start focusing on something that will really assist gay men and the wider community: an intense campaign aimed at HIV/AIDS prevention.
…..Who can blame AIDS officials, however, for their pragmatic allocation of tight resources, especially if the choice is between more eduction for a fool who ignores 25 years of the same and an innocent African child who is at risk of acquiring the illness via hermother?
….Perhaps it is time, in 2006, to encourage the return of a proper sense of personal and collective shame, for the sake of all of us, or at least to insist upon a more public accountability for the private decisions that are too often the cause of such increases in HIV infections. Because, no matter how one looks at these miserable figures and their depressingly familiar reflections in the infection rates of New York City, San Francisco and other Western cities, pride may literally be killing us.,20867,20849414-7583,00.html

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