Family First Condemns Personal Threats made against Sue Bradford

Family First totally condemns the personal attacks and threats made to the welfare of Sue Bradford on the CYFSWatch Blogsite today.

“The debate over section 59 does not warrant personal threats being made against people whose views are different to our own,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The maturity of a country is shown through the ability to debate issues without reducing it to a personal level and making personal threats.”

Family First is calling on the CYFSWatch Blogsite not to publish any addresses or personal information about Ms Bradford.

“While we understand some of the frustration and hurt being expressed by submitters to the blogsite, this does not warrant personal attacks or threats on Ms Bradford, social workers or any other politician or community leader,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Solutions come through honest and open debate amongst the people of New Zealand.”

We applaud Sue Bradford’s genuine desire to see our high child abuse rate tackled. We simply disagree on the solutions. But that is no reason at all to take out a personal vendetta on another person.


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