Only 18% of Kiwis Support ‘Anti-Smacking’ Bill

Research New Zealand has released a poll today showing that only 18% of kiwis agree or strongly agree with Sue Bradford and the Prime Minister’s anti-smacking bill currently before parliament.

“Supporters of the bill have always tried to argue that the 14 polls done over the past 2 years, and averaging 84% support for section 59, are not accurate,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Yet here is yet another independent poll showing that 82% of kiwis either strongly disagree or disagree with the bill, or have no clear support for the ‘anti-smacking’ bill.”

This is also backed up by a text message poll run by the Bay of Plenty Times over the weekend which found a staggering 94.6% opposing the legislation.

“The message is clear to our politicians,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Reject the bill, don’t criminalise our good parents, come back to the drawing board, and let’s tackle the real causes of child abuse as identified by UNICEF reports, CYF reports and national and international research – namely family breakdown and dysfunction, drug and alcohol abuse, and poverty and stress.”

Family First calls on all MP’s to vote to defend the role of parents and the well-being of children while tackling the actual causes of child abuse.


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