National Offers No Reassurance to Parents on Bradford Bill

Family First is disappointed that the National Party is not willing to offer a reassurance to parents that if elected as the next government, they will overturn the ‘anti-smacking’ bill if the bill is passed into law.

“While we appreciate that 95% of the National Caucus are opposed to the bill already, and are unanimous in their support for the sensible alternative of Chester Borrow’s, parents need to be reassured that a National government will offer a distinct alternative to the anti-family and arrogant agenda of the current government,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First.

Mr McCoskrie says that National needs to present itself as a party that will listen to the voice of parents and families.

Family First is calling on National to promise that, if elected as the next government, they will introduce legislation as soon as possible to prevent the criminalisation of good and loving parents who lightly smack their children.

“NZ’ers are crying out for politicians to listen to the voice of the people and to tackle the real causes of child abuse without criminalising and threatening good parents with investigation and interference from already overworked police and CYF social workers,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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