Education Minister Sets Poor Example for Children

Minister of Education Steve Maharey has set a poor example after his display of verbal abuse towards another MP today.

“With teachers battling an increasing level of bullying, verbal abuse and swearing in schools, the Minister has set a poor standard with his lack of control in Parliament today,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult for school teachers to enforce standards of appropriate language and behaviour in schools due to liberalised standards in the wider community, and it is not helped when a Government Minister is guilty of swearing at others in such a public setting as Parliament and when the proceedings are broadcast live to the public.”

It is also ironic that as Minister of Broadcasting, he has breached Principle 1 (Good Taste and Decency) of the broadcasting standards under the Broadcasting Act 1989.

Family First believes that Mr Maharey should apologise as Minister of both Education and Broadcasting to the NZ public but especially to students, and confirm that his behavior and language is unacceptable both in Parliament, schools and the wider community.

“We cannot expect behaviour from our children which we as adults have not displayed,” says Mr McCoskrie. “That is simply hypocrisy. We must set the example. The standards are there for good reason.”


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