Giving girls the wrong message

MercatorNet 13 April 2007
Graham Leo is the Principal of Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast of Australia
An Australian principal objects to being press-ganged into a scheme to vaccinate schoolgirls against the HPV virus.
In the early 1990s an Australian medical research team headed by Dr Ian Frazer at the University of Queensland made an amazing breakthrough in the fight against cancer. Dr Frazer’s team created a vaccine for one of the most aggressive cancers amongst women. We are now all familiar with it as Gardasil, the name given it by Merck, the drug company behind the project.
…The genital HPV in question can only be transmitted through sexual contact. Therefore, the vaccine is only relevant for people who have sexual contact outside of marriage, or for those who marry partners who have had such contact and who might bring the virus into the marriage relationship. Aside from the possibility of being assaulted by an HPV carrier, no one else who leads a sexually moral life needs to be at risk of this particular cause of cervical cancer. Incidentally, although the vaccine protects against cervical cancer, it does not protect women from many of the other common STDs, such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B or HIV/AIDS.
ALSO: Parents divided over mandates for HPV vaccine
Washington Times 24 May 2007
According to the poll of 1,342 parents, the 44 percent who agree with mandatory state HPV-vaccination laws were outnumbered by 30 percent who described themselves as neutral on the matter and 26 percent who oppose.
The study was released as the public-interest group Judicial Watch said three deaths were related to the lone HPV vaccine on the market, Merck & Co.’s Gardasil, and that there were 1,637 reports of adverse reactions to the inoculations based on its analysis of documents it obtained from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.¬†“The FDA adverse-event reports on the HPV vaccine read like a catalog of horrors,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Any state or local government now beset by Merck’s lobbying campaigns to mandate this HPV vaccine for young girls ought to take a look at these adverse health reports. It looks as if an unproven vaccine with dangerous side effects is being pushed as a miracle drug.”¬†Judicial Watch said one physician’s assistant reported that a patient “died of a blood clot three hours after getting the Gardasil vaccine.” Two other reports, on a girl 12 and a young woman 19, reported deaths relating to heart problems and/or blood clotting. It also said 371 of the 1,637 adverse reactions to the inoculation were serious.

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