Respected Parenting Website Poll Opposes Bradford ‘Anti-Smacking’ Bill

An online poll on the respected Treasures website shows 85% opposition to the Bradford ‘Anti-Smacking’ Bill.

The Treasures website, claimed to be New Zealand’s most popular source of helpful parenting advice for new parents and their babies, had almost 2,000 parents vote in the poll. 74% totally disagreed with the anti-smacking bill and 11% slightly disagreed. Only 15% totally or slightly agreed.

“Parents who visit the Treasures website are not child abusers who are assaulting their children,” says National Director Bob McCoskrie. “They are the great kiwi parents who want to be the best parents possible, and want to provide their children with the appropriate nurturing, guidance, and correction.”

“This poll is consistent with every other poll over the last 2 years,” says National Director Bob McCoskrie. “There have been 21 polls done in the last 2 years that Family First is aware of, and averaged out, just over 83% oppose the bill.”

Mr McCoskrie says that the politicians have no public mandate at all to pass this bill in its present form.

“Despite the attempted spin to paint this bill as not a ban on smacking, kiwi parents know exactly the intent and the effect of this bill if it becomes law. Sue Bradford has herself acknowledged that it will not be possible to give children a smack if the bill succeeds.”

Mr McCoskrie says the supporters of the bill have also been grossly misleading the public by suggesting that it’s actually illegal now for a parent to smack a child. This shows absolute ignorance of the current law which allows reasonable force. Even Bradford has acknowledged in a response to a request for information from the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards that only some smacking is illegal under the current law.

“These polls simply show that NZ’ers can see through the spin on this bill and don’t believe it will make any difference to our unacceptably high rate of child abuse,” says Mr McCoskrie. “They want the politicians to tackle the real causes, not penalise the good parents doing a great job.”


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