Politicians Treat Good NZ Parents With Disdain

Politicians have ignored the weight of public opinion, the scientific evidence, and the international experience in forcing through the anti-smacking bill today.

“If the major political parties had allowed a conscience vote on this bill as originally promised, the bill would have been dead and buried at the 2nd reading,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First.

“It is a sad day for law-abiding parents who want to raise their children with appropriate love, guidance and direction. This is ‘nanny state’ at its absolute extreme. The MP’s supporting this bill have adopted moral supremacy and appointed themselves as the experts on parenting and the well-being of children.”

Mr McCoskrie says the law has put a legal weapon into the hands of overzealous social workers, school counselors, and police to interfere in the homes of good parents who use a smack in a reasonable way as an effective parenting tool.

“It is tragic that while the government turns a blind eye to the major problems of gang violence, drunken teen parties, the ‘P’ epidemic, violence in schools, violence towards police, gambling addiction, housing concerns, and breakdown in families, they have found plenty of energy and time to pass a law that targets good parents doing a great job.”

“Every report from UNICEF to Save the Children to CYF says the same thing over and over – that the likelihood of a child being injured or killed is associated with poverty, single-parenthood, low maternal education, low maternal age at birth, poor housing, weak family ties, and parental drug or alcohol abuse.”

“The politicians have treated all parents as potential child abusers rather than affording them the respect, support and encouragement they deserve – while failing to target the real abusers.”

“This bill is simply an acknowledgement by Parliament that they have failed to tackle the real causes of child abuse.”


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