Nigel Latta: Relax and enjoy kids

Clinical psychologist Nigel Latta’s latest book “How to Have Kids and Stay Sane” – 3 June 07
How did raising kids ever get so complicated? Our parents had it far easier than us. Oh sure, they had little things to worry about – like the Cold War, Rogernomics and carless days – but generally speaking, parenting was a doddle back then. For one thing, self-esteem hadn’t been invented, which made their job much easier. Instead of worrying about whether or not we had enough of it, they just got on with things. Conveniently, they weren’t burdened with guilt if they smacked our bottoms. Politicians left children’s bottoms alone in those days, which seemed to work quite well.
Another reason our parents had it easier is that they had to look after only their own social life. It wasn’t their responsibility to make sure that we had one as well. They didn’t have to arrange “play dates”, because we simply walked to our friends’ houses. What’s more, after-school activities were much easier to schedule, because there were none. After-school activities consisted of whatever you wanted to do, as long as you didn’t get into trouble.
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