BEBO – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

By Mark Campbell
August 1st 2007,
With an estimated 2/3 of young people in NZ having a Bebo sight, parents would do well to take notice of this recent online community. Styled similar to MySpace, Face book and other personal website/ blogsites, Bebo has captured the interest of young people with its easy to use format and ability to simply upload music, photos and videos. It surpasses Myspace in preference in NZ and several other developed nations. You can share your details with others and build a huge online community connecting with friends and acquaintances from anywhere in the world.
As a youth worker I have mixed feelings about Bebo because of its potential to be a great tool for connecting with friends or an avenue for the more unsavory abuses of the internet, including ONLINE PREDATORS, EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND THEMES, BULLYING AND ABUSE, PERSONAL PHOTOS.

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