NZ Should Follow Australia’s Lead In “Cleaning Up The Internet”

Family First NZ is calling on the government to follow the lead of the Australian government and ‘clean up the internet’ for NZ families.

Every Australian family (and public library) will be provided with free software to filter internet content and to prevent children downloading pornography and other offensive material, service providers will work alongside the government to filter pornography at its source, a ‘black list’ of pornographic sites will be established, and privacy laws will be altered so that sex offenders cannot ‘hide’ on the internet and chatroom sex predators are found.

A seven-day-a-week hotline will help parents put filters on their computers. The package, announced by PM John Howard on Thursday night is worth A$189 million.

“This is a great investment to protect families as internet use becomes more and more common in NZ homes,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Because of the availability, affordability, and anonymity of the internet and chatrooms, we must put as many safeguards in place as possible – and sooner rather than later.”

“Popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Bebo are also putting children at the possible risk of online bullying, cyber-stalking, and exposing them to pornography (including child pornography), obscene behaviour and unsuitable advertising.”

“While parents can take as many precautions as possible, including purchasing computer security products and supervising their children’s internet use, the Australian government is not leaving anything to chance and is being proactive in the protection of children and families.”

“Family First calls on the NZ government to urgently provide similar protection to NZ families.”

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