Family First Praises Hell Pizza For Family-Friendly Focus

Family First is welcoming the report in The Business Herald today that Hell Pizza has dropped the advertising agency responsible for its offensive and anti-family advertising.

The co-owners of Hell Pizza joined the boycott called for by Family First against the company, as a result of Hell Pizza’s condom letterbox campaign last year which received the most number of complaints ever received by the Advertising Standards Authority, and their objectionable Hell-o magazine this year.

The glossy 20-page magazine included provocative pictures of Nicky Watson in underwear, offensive comments relating to the use of condoms, an insensitive article regarding the death of Steve Irwin, objectionable language, and a tongue-in-cheek article on bestiality. The publication showed the company’s continued fascination with condoms, soft porn, and offensive material.

“Family First is stoked that the owners of Hell Pizza have realised that they have a responsibility to protect the well-being of families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“We know that advertisers are creative and edgy, but they also need to show social responsibility in terms of avoiding offensive or inappropriate material to children and families.”

Hell Pizza’s advertising clearly crossed this line – families spoke up – and the company has responded.

Family First welcomes Hell Pizza back into the kitchen where it belongs, and out of the bedroom where it didn’t.


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