Bob McCoskrie: Extended Childcare No Miracle For Children

Bob McCoskrie – National Director Family First NZ
Published in the NZ Herald September 10, 2007
 The impending opening of the first 24-hour childcare centre in Auckland, while well-intentioned, is simply an expansion of the most untested social experiment we have done on children. As child expert and author Steve Biddulph says, childcare is too much, too early and too long for our children. Yet our Government seems totally focused on pouring millions of taxpayers’ money into encouraging parents to leave their children for longer periods of time in daycare.
It has been argued that 24 hour childcare is simply a reflection of changing working patterns and family arrangements. Parents deserve ‘time out’ and don’t always have access to relatives or friends to care for their children during working hours or ‘date nights’. Yet is childcare the solution? Is this what’s best for children, or is this more about convenience for parents? Why does the government pay millions for professionals to care for our children, but offer no tax breaks or financial recognition for parents who do it?
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