Flawed Prostitution Law Results in Mother ‘Trading’ 16 y/o Daughter

Family First is disgusted with the actions of a mother who organised a prostitution ‘transaction’ between her 16 year old daughter and a man, but say that this is an expected outcome of a flawed Act.

“Politicians who voted for this ideologically flawed bill which decriminalized prostitution should hang their heads in shame, along with this mother,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Along with an increase in street prostitution, brothels operating in residential areas, the association of brothels and prostitutes with drugs, alcohol, and used condoms littering the area, we now have increased teenage prostitution (involving girls reportedly as young as 11), and worse still, a parent making financial gain from ‘selling’ their daughter.”

“This is no different to the horrendous stories we hear of child prostitution and trafficking in Asian countries,” says Mr McCoskrie. “It is child abuse of the worst kind.”

“It is also a disgrace that a man who purchases sex from the mother of a 16 year old by paying with drugs is not prosecuted. The best way to protect prostitutes is to prosecute the buyer (as evidenced in other countries.)”

“And despite attempts by Manukau City Council to gain control over this type of behaviour, politicians continue to block attempts to support local communities. MP’s need a reality check on just how destructive this industry is.”

The Prostitution Law Review Committee’s report on the State of the Sex Industry in NZ, tabled in Parliament in 2005 found a 40% increase in sex workers since 2001, and a growing trend towards street prostitution (up from 3% in 2001 to 11% in 2004).

The report also identified about 200 prostitutes under the age of 18.

“The decriminalisation of prostitution has failed prostitutes by encouraging them to think that prostitution can be safe – which it can never be. But now the law is also failing our communities and young people. We must change it before it is too late and our children become victims, similar to our teenagers.”


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