Family Groups to Boycott Advertisers During Pornographic TV Show
Genesis Energy
Burger King
Finish Dishwashing Liquid
Pascall (Cadbury)
Flight Centre
Ministry of Economic Development
NZ Police (!!)

Copy of Letter Sent to Advertisers

Dear Sir / Madam,
During the screening of the first episode of Californication on TV3 last night, an advertisement for your company was featured.

While we are not sure whether you deliberately placed your advertisement to be during this programme, we would like to make you aware of what the programme contained.

In a short 40 minutes episode of Californication, it featured:
four explicit sex scenes
one involving violence
full nudity
teenage drug use
constant foul language (‘F’ word 26 times)
programme littered with explicit sexual talk and innuendo
talk of beastiality
inclusion of a very young girl as the lead character’s daughter. This child is exposed to the worst effects of her father’s sexual antics, including asking why her father’s latest bedmate has no hair on her vagina
the opening scene features the lead character having sex with a nun in a church 
The Codes of Broadcasting Standards state that broadcasters must take into consideration current norms of decency and taste in language and behaviour. However, television broadcasters are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is normal and acceptable, and the Broadcasting Standards Authority is failing to halt this increase in objectionable and offensive material.

So we’re asking for your company’s leadership on this issue.

Television needs to clean its act up, for the sake of our families and the safety of our communities.

We are all concerned about declining moral standards including increasing sexual crime, pornography (including child pornography), drug and alcohol abuse, offensive language, degrading treatment of women, disrespect towards teachers and people in authority, violence in our communities, domestic violence, and many others.

Yet we continue to broadcast, glorify, and normalise these exact types of behaviour in the so-called name of ‘entertainment’ and ‘free speech’.

You can help bring about change by directing your advertising dollar towards more positive pro-family programmes.

However we, along with other pro-family groups and our many supporters, are calling on families to boycott all companies associated with Californication and to transfer their support and business to a competitor.

Unfortunately, this means that your company is part of that boycott.

We would respectfully request that you reconsider redirecting your advertising dollar to a more positive pro-family programme.

If you agree with our concerns and plan to make this change, please contact us [email protected], and we will make our supporters and other family groups aware of your positive and pro-family decision.

Thank you for hearing our concerns.

Yours sincerely

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

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