Air New Zealand Hears Concerns of Families Over Inflight Movies

Family First NZ is congratulating Air New Zealand on their response to the concerns of parents over the movies and television reruns which were being shown on their flights and which were not suitable for children.

Movies featured in the July edition of the Air New Zealand Entertainment guide included R-rated Blood Diamond, American Beauty, and Once Were Warriors, and the R-rated tv drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Federal legislation has just been introduced in the US requiring airlines that show adult-themed movies on overhead screens to create seating sections to shield children from graphic content.

Family First had been contacted by a number of parents who were concerned with the inflight movies on international flights and the difficulty of preventing children from seeing some of the content of videos which were unsuitable for them.

In response to a letter written to Air New Zealand by a concerned parent who contacted Family First, the General Manager of Air New Zealand Ed Sims has acknowledged the concerns of parents, and says that the airline is promoting the parental lock facility to passengers, asking passengers to show extra sensitivity to content if sitting adjacent to children, and reviewing the suitability of movie content.

“Family First welcomes this response from Air New Zealand and their obvious concern for families. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the actions of some other companies,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Families are tired of being confronted with objectionable advertising and programming of a violent or sexual nature without any warning.”

“Businesses must keep families in mind when providing services and advertising. They can still provide a great service without offending families, putting parents in a compromising or awkward situation, or exposing inappropriate material to children.”

“We would call on other airlines to follow Air New Zealand’s example, and for similar legislation to the US to be introduced in New Zealand to ensure families and children are given first priority,” says Mr McCoskrie

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