Companies Pull Advertising from Californication

Two companies have responded to the concerns of Family First NZ and other family groups by withdrawing any future advertising from TV3’s offensive and pornographic Californication series.

“Cadbury and Ferrit who advertised during the initial episode have both indicated that they have instructed their advertising agencies to ensure they do not advertise during this programme again,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “In their letter to families who contacted them, Cadbury said ‘we were unaware of the explicit nature of the program, which we do not support or endorse in any way.’ “

“The Codes of Broadcasting Standards state that broadcasters must take into consideration current norms of decency and taste in language and behaviour. However, television broadcasters are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is normal and acceptable, and the Broadcasting Standards Authority is failing to halt this increase in objectionable and offensive material.”

“We congratulate both Cadbury and Ferrit for this pro-family response, and encourage other companies to do likewise,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“We are all concerned about declining moral standards including increasing sexual crime, pornography (including child pornography), drug and alcohol abuse, offensive language, degrading treatment of women, disrespect towards teachers and people in authority, violence in our communities, domestic violence, and many others.”

“Yet we continue to broadcast, glorify, and normalise these exact types of behaviour in the so-called name of ‘entertainment’ and ‘free speech’. It’s time for businesses to get on board and help ‘clean up’ television standards.”

Family First is calling on, Genesis Energy, Burger King,  Finish Dishwashing Liquid,  Monteiths,  CRC,  Vodafone,  Flight Centre, and two government departments the Ministry of Economic Development and the NZ Police to also withdraw their advertising from this programme.


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