Government Responds to Family First’s Call for NGO Funding

Family First NZ is welcoming the government’s promise of increased funding for NGO’s working with at-risk families in the community.

The strategy has been part of the 5-point Action Plan which was proposed by Family First at the time of the horrific death of Nia Glassie in July 2007, and placed on a dedicated website

“Our argument was always that the solution to child abuse and dealing with at-risk families was the empowering and resourcing of grass-root community organisations who already knew the families at risk and the support needed by these families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

Family First wants the increased investment to be implemented immediately rather than rising to its peak as far away as 2011.

“We have an immediate problem that needs an immediate response. The organisations are already in the community. It’s time to invest in them now. The government has the tax surpluses to do so.”

“The ideologically flawed and extremist anti-smacking law has done nothing to stem the rate of domestic violence and child abuse in NZ because it was targeted at the wrong people. The prime minister’s silence on this law change in her opening speech to Parliament today is an acknowledgement that the law change has been ineffective and should be scrapped.”

Non-government agencies are the best solution to strengthening and supporting at-risk families in our community.

“At long last, the government is understanding the importance of NGO’s who are working tirelessly, effectively, and cost-efficiently in our communities,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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