Family First Misrepresented by Anti-Smacking Lobby – Again

Family First NZ is laughing off suggestions by Green MP Sue Bradford that Family First is writing National party policy and that National supports amending her anti-smacking legislation.

“If Family First NZ was that influential in National party circles, it would have vetoed National’s support of the anti-smacking law in the first place,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“And secondly, we have been misrepresented yet again. What we said in both our media release and radio interviews was that we call on all politicians to acknowledge the voice of NZ parents and to amend the law to that proposed by National MP Chester Borrows (and consistently supported by Family First) so that light smacking is not a crime in NZ.”

“Last week the government announced $800,000 to tell parents that they are valued. 74% of parents would prefer a law change to an advertising campaign,” says Mr McCoskrie.

The anti-smacking lobby seems to be panicking that NZ’ers are finally going to get their say on this highly unpopular and ineffectual law through a Referendum – democracy in action.


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