Government Masks Actual Violent Crime Trend

Family First NZ says that violent crime continues to spiral out of control and the government can take no credit by pretending that the anti-violence message is working.

“There has been a more than 25% increase in violent crime since 2000, and there is no indication that the rate will slow down,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The government and police are attempting to link the increase in violent crime (a whopping 6,000+ increase in 2007 alone) to the anti domestic violence programme. While the message is the right one, the rate of violent crime has been rising since 1999 from just under 40,000 to just under 57,000 now. Adjusting for population increases, there has still been a 25% increase in violent crime in NZ.”

“That averages out at more than 150 assaults, intimidation and threats every day in NZ. That is unacceptable.”

“The argument that the domestic violence awareness campaign has contributed to the increase in reported violent crime is simply masking the increasing level of violent crime that has existed years before this latest campaign.”

“It is time that the real causes of violent crime were tackled – including gang involvement, family breakdown and dysfunction, drug and alcohol abuse, and the lack of sufficient police resourcing.”

“Families deserve protection from violent crime but the increasing rate of violent crime shows that we are yet to deal with the real issues.”

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