Burglary, Theft and Violent Robberies Being Ignored

Family First NZ says the low resolution rate for burglary, car conversion, property destruction, theft and robbery shows an under-resourced police force that is unable to deal with ‘entry-level’ crime.

The 2007 resolution rate for burglary is only 16.4%, car conversion 22.5%, theft 22%, destruction of property 29.9% and robbery 42.5%.

“This is clear evidence that so-called low-level crime is either being ignored or the police don’t have the resources to deal with it,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Yet talk to any family or victim of burglary or property destruction and they can be just as affected as victims of more serious crimes. Many victims of crime are simply being told that the police can’t deal with it and they should simply claim insurance.”

“The message that offenders are getting is that the police don’t have the time to deal with these types of crimes. And meanwhile, communities are left to organise their own crimewatch patrols, graffiti removers, burglar alarms and fencing, security cameras, and are fearful of being mugged when walking in public places.”

“It’s time for an immediate increase in police resourcing on the frontline, and a targeting of these types of crimes so that offenders are quickly apprehended and it doesn’t lead to a criminal ‘lifestyle’.”

“Our communities and families have a right to this protection.”

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