Further Evidence that Grand Theft Auto Should Be Banned

Take-Two has today, a Sunday, apparently when it thought only gamers were looking, released on the Internet, on the cusp of the game’s Tuesday release, a streaming audio/ video clip it calls “Ladies of Liberty City” from Grand Theft Auto IV. You can see it at
(click on the Ladies of Liberty City image on the right, click Download, and choose one of the free options)

The person playing this game can engage in interactive lap dances in a strip club; the woman’s head is placed on the lap of the male customer (the game player), and she puts her buttocks in his face.

In another interactive scene offered by IGN.com in this clip, the player watches while two female strippers simulate sex with one another and slap one another. The player states, “I’d like to be the meat in this sandwich.”

There is sex on the street as well, as there are multiple scenes of men and women, viewed from the waist up, engaged in sexual intercourse. Sex has never been depicted so graphically in any previous GTA game. One woman approaches a vehicle and says, “I’ll suck your c**k real nice.” Another, while engaged in sex, exclaims, “F**k the s**t out of it, you nasty f**ker.” Another who is an African American prostitute, says, when the intercourse has been completed, “That’s what I call a soul pole.” The sex scenes are nothing any teenager should see, let alone interactively participate in.

Finally, after many of the sex scenes on the street, the driver of the car who has just engaged in sex runs over the prostitute with his car or shoots her, with the hero proclaiming, just before he kills one prostitute with his vehicle, “I am a hired killer and I pay for sex. My mother would be ashamed.” Psychologists explain that the wedding of sex with violence is extremely harmful to teen boys, as it makes a connection that proves destructive.

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