Family First Supports Auckland Mayor’s Demand to Police

Family First NZ is supporting the request being made by the Mayor of Auckland to the police to enforce the bylaw banning the upcoming Boobs on Bikes parade.

In response to an official complaint by Family First NZ to the police about the upcoming Erotica Expo advertising stunt known as “Boobs on Bikes”, the police have said “In the opinion of the Police, given the standards of decency observed in this day and age, a female being topless in a parade on a weekday in Queen Street will not in itself constitute an indecent act.”

However, the Mayor John Banks has informed families who are opposed to the parade that he is opposed to the objectification of women and against turning Queen Street into the front row of a strip club and will be advising the Police that they should enforce the bylaw.

According to Mr Banks, at the last Council meeting, it was unanimously resolved to support a bylaw, which seeks to ban such exhibitionism on Queen Street.

Family First fully endorses the bylaw which is in the best interest of families.

“For those who stand for decency, and who seek to protect families and children, we argue strongly that a topless parade during lunchtime down a major street advertising the porn industry will cause feelings of anger, disgust and outrage to families and children who may be there for completely unrelated matters, and as it is a highly public area, is therefore indecent, and should be stopped,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“The police need to listen to not only the voice of NZ families but also the City Council.”


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