Family First Welcomes Ruling of Speaker to Tidy Up Speech

Family First NZ is welcoming the ruling of the Speaker of the House that the use of ‘f’ word is ‘entirely unparliamentary’ and ‘offensive to the House.’

It follows Green MP Sue Bradford’s use of the ‘f’ word during question time yesterday.

“Although it was part of a quote, it was completely unnecessary and inappropriate that she used the full offensive word. She could have still raised her concern without ironically repeating the language which she was complaining about,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Politicians were reminded by Speaker Wilson that their own speech, as well as quotes, should meet an appropriate standard.”

“The behaviour of politicians in the House is already causing concern to many NZ’ers. This ruling is a timely reminder that there is a standard, that it’s there for a good reason, and politicians should be setting the example,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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