Minister of Police Asked Opinion of Boobs of Bikes Parade

Family First NZ has written to the Minister of Police Annette King asking whether she supports the refusal by the police to take action against the Boobs on Bikes parade.

“We know that almost 1,000 emails labeling the parade as offensive have been sent to both the Mayor of Auckland and the head of the Auckland police,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Yet despite this strong opposition from families and the City Council themselves, the police are refusing to act.”

In the letter, Family First NZ has asked for confirmation that as Minister of Police, Annette King supports the interpretation of the Police that “..given the standards of decency observed in this day and age, a female being topless in a parade on a weekday in Queen Street will not in itself constitute an indecent act.”

“Based on that interpretation of what is indecent, it would appear that the police deem it legal and appropriate for 2-3 women to walk topless down Queen St in the middle of the day holding placards for any cause they wish to march for, that a complaint made by the member of the public against a person serving in a retail shop topless will be ignored by the police, and that a complaint made by a teacher regarding a woman walking topless past a primary school or through the sports fields on a Saturday morning will also be ignored.”

“We disagree with the police’s interpretation of what is indecent, which we believe ignores the concerns of parents and what is in the best interests of the welfare and safety of our families,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“This is not a Santa parade or a celebration of winning the America’s Cup or gold medal at the Olympics. This event is a commercial event featuring porn actors/models designed to promote a pornographic event (Erotica Expo) – which is quite rightly classified as an R18.  Yet unbelievably the parade is deemed not R18.”

“We also argue that it is in breach of advertising standards.”

A topless parade during lunchtime down a major street will cause widespread offence to families and children who may be there for completely unrelated matters, and as it is a highly public area, should be stopped. 


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