Family First Supports Court Injunction Against Boobs on Bikes

Family First NZ is supporting a court injunction being taken out on behalf of Auckland City Council against Steve Crow to prevent him holding a parade down Queen Street to advertise his upcoming R-18 Erotica Expo.

Councillor Cathy Casey has placed the Extraordinary Notice of Motion on the agenda for the City Development Committee, to be held tomorrow morning (Thursday), and Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie will be speaking in support of the motion.

“The Council has declined a permit for the Boobs on Bikes parade because it is offensive yet Mr Crow has given a ‘2 fingered wave’ to the Council and said he will proceed with the parade anyway,” says Bob McCoskrie. “And unfortunately the police are failing to recognise that this parade contains offensive material.”

“A court injunction is the best option available and we hope that the Committee will see the urgency of the situation. Steve Crow should not be allowed to get away with a flagrant disregard for the bylaw process. It is especially ironic given that he stood for Mayor and could have been responsible for enforcing the bylaws.”

“The Boobs on Bikes parade is a commercial stunt advertising an R18 event, with sexualised nudity in a public street that is offensive to many people and completely inappropriate for young people and children to view,” says Mr McCoskrie. “The websites which the parade advertises also contain explicit sexual material and we would argue that the parade is essentially an advertisement and in breach of advertising standards.“

“It is a pity that it may take a court injunction to force the police to act against something that has so much public opposition. It is time that families were put first.”


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