Amend Law to Define Topless Parade as Offensive

Family First NZ is calling on the politicians to amend the Summary Offences Act and the Crimes Act so that topless public parades are deemed offensive and indecent, and thereby illegal.

“It’s time the law started protecting and putting the welfare of children and families first,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The current law is far too liberal and vague and needs to be amended.”

“The decision yesterday regarding the Boobs on Bikes parade effectively means that a topless parade could become part of the Santa parade and the police would not take any action. That is completely unacceptable and shows a major flaw in our current law.”

“There is also a concerning inconsistency in the application of the law by police. On Monday three women were banned from parading topless in Hamilton. Yet today up to 30 women will parade topless in Auckland with the sanction of the police.”

“The ruling yesterday effectively means that any topless parade can be held at anytime on any New Zealand street. Yet this attitude goes against prevailing community standards demonstrated by the fact that we would not allow topless teachers, office workers or McDonald’s staff.”

“It is time that the rights of families to not be exposed to offensive material are put before the rights of the pornography industry to promote themselves,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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