70 Pro-Family Groups Gather for Forum on the Family

Up to 200 delegates representing almost 70 family-focused organisations are gathering in Auckland tomorrow (Monday) for the third annual NZ Forum on the Family, hosted by Family First NZ.

The Forum features presentation of family-based policies from political party leaders, including John Key, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Rodney Hide, Pita Sharples, Peter Dunne, and the three family based parties not currently represented in parliament.

Also speaking will be Andy and Nikki Bray whose daughter was killed in the recent Elim tragedy.

“The purpose of the day is to bring a number of family, pro-life and marriage organisations together to synergise,” says Forum spokesman Bob McCoskrie. “There are many family focused groups who, along with their thousands of members, are concerned about the breakdown of the family, the denial of the huge benefits to society of promoting marriage, and a society which is counter-cultural to the role of parents and the safety of children and families.”

Organisations represented include Family First NZ, For the Sake of our Children Trust, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Focus on the Family, Families Commission, Royal NZ Plunket Society, Early Childhood Council Inc, Family Life, BIRTHRIGHT NZ, Barnardos, Family Life International, Prison Fellowship of NZ, Viewers for Television Excellence (VOTE), Vision Network, Maxim Institute, Right to Life NZ, Waipareira Alternative Education Unit, and others.

Topics to be discussed include tax policies for families, the anti-smacking law and the Referendum, practical and relevant solutions to child abuse and domestic violence, support for beneficiary families, abortion laws, parenting and marriage issues, broadcasting standards, and acknowledging and resourcing the invaluable work being performed by our charitable organisations.

“This will be an important day for the many organisations in NZ who are seeing the first-hand the breakdown of families, the lack of support, and the desparate need for families and marriage to be strengthened. Strong families make a strong nation,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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