Family First Welcomes Comments by Key on Smacking Referendum

Family First NZ is welcoming comments made by National leader John Key at the Forum on the Family in Auckland yesterday that National will listen to the results of a Referendum on the anti-smacking law.

“The large majority of politicians ignored the overwhelming majority of NZ’ers who were opposed to the legislation in the first place. Labour is now trying to ‘bury’ the Referendum for political expediency. And there is no guarantee that any party will even listen to the result of the Referendum,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“This is the first indication that National will acknowledge the voice of NZ’ers on this contentious issue.”

“Polls continue to show overwhelming opposition to the anti-smacking law because it has failed to deal with actual child abuse, has targeted good families with investigation, prosecutions and persecution, yet has been trumpeted by supporters as a success because nobody has been imprisoned.”

“NZ needs laws that target actual child abuse, prevent child abuse deaths, and that target the major contributing causes including drug and alcohol abuse, family breakdown, and rotten parents.”

“Voters should never have had to resort to a Referendum in the first place to be heard. The message was clear to politicians.”

“John Key suggests they will listen to the results of a Referendum. We would prefer them to commit to changing the law to Chester Borrow’s original amendment as part of their Election policy,” says Mr McCoskrie. “NZ’ers have already spoken on this issue.”

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