For the Sake of Families, Cover Up on Beaches

Family First NZ is slamming a decision by the Kapiti Coast District Council to allow nudity on all its beaches.

“Once again, the protection of families and the welfare of our children are being cast aside in favour of so-called ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘tolerance to nakedness’”, says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Families stay clear of nude beaches for a good reason. They don’t want their children being confronted by naked men and women. Kapiti Coast has effectively made it a free for all with no consideration for the views of parents.”

“The rights of nudists to ‘hang loose’ should not be at the expense of families feeling embarrassed or offended. It is completely inappropriate for children to be confronted with naked adults wandering past them or sunbathing.”

Family First NZ is calling on a political party to promise to amend the Crimes Act and Summary Offences Act so that the precedent to allow public nudity, set in past cases by liberal judges including the recent Boobs on Bikes decision, can be overturned.

“There’s a place for nudity, but it is certainly not on our main streets or beaches which families use,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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