Wellington City Council Sneaky and Undemocratic on Nudity Bylaw

Family First NZ is accusing the Wellington City Council of being sneaky, undemocratic, and ignorant to the concerns of families after they admitted that they ‘quietly got rid of’ a bylaw restricting nudity on public beaches.

“They failed to consult the public on this, and they have failed to consider the concerns and wishes of families who use Wellington beaches,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“At least the Kapiti Coast District Council had the guts to open their proposed bylaw on nudity up to public consultation. And their email system ‘crashed’ because of the huge opposition to their proposal. The same would happen in Wellington.”

“Once again, the protection of families and the welfare of our children are being cast aside in favour of so-called ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘tolerance to nakedness’.”

“Families stay clear of well sign-posted nude beaches for a good reason. They don’t want their children being confronted by naked men and women.”

“Wellington City councilors should demand that this bylaw be reinstated and enforced for the sake of families and standards of decency.”

Family First NZ is calling on a political party to promise to amend the Crimes Act and Summary Offences Act so that the precedent to allow public nudity, set in past cases by liberal judges including the recent Boobs on Bikes decision, can be overturned.

“There’s a place for nudity, but it is certainly not on our main streets or beaches which families use,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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