More Shonky Research on Smacking from Childrens Issues Centre

Family First NZ is slamming the latest research from the Otago University Childrens Issues Centre as shonky, bias, and junk science.

“The Childrens Issue Centre is simply a closet lobby group for the anti-smacking brigade,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “They have been well known for letting their ideology get in the way of independent and thorough research, and recently hosted a conference of anti-smacking lobby groups including discredited Canadian researcher Joan Durrant.”

“Their latest research involving 117 parents is weak, lacking substance, and will have continued to confuse appropriate parental discipline with child abuse, as they attempted to do with research during the anti-smacking debate.”

“Their report also smacks of paranoia as it labels the 85% continued opposition to the law as being as a result of ‘well-funded and religious right groups.’ What we have found is that opposition to the law crosses the political divide,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“The only correct aspect of this research is that parents don’t understand the law and that has been our concern all along.”

Green MP Sue Bradford recently told parents that smacking is not a criminal offence. In a media release from the Green party, Bradford says ‘smacking has never been a criminal offence, and still isn’t.’ Yet only last year, she told Newstalk ZB ‘it is already illegal to smack children but her bill removes a defence of reasonable force for the purpose of correction.’

And in the original 2003 media release from the Green party launching her amendment to section 59, it is entitled “Greens draw up their own anti-smacking bill”

“Sue Bradford is confused by her own law and has confused kiwi parents in the process,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Just because parents don’t want to break the law doesn’t mean that parents still aren’t opposed to this flawed law.”

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