Veitch Court Case Needs Urgency

Justice needs to be served in a timely manner

Family First NZ says that the pending court case involving Tony Veitch should be given urgency for the sake of both of the families involved.

“The level of media interest and public scrutiny is well above what is normal and this is an unacceptable pressure for all concerned,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

The comments follow further saturated media coverage of events concerning Veitch while on holiday, attempted interviews with the complainant, and suggestions that the case may not happen until 2010.

“The claims and counterclaims surrounding the domestic violence charges are simply filling the vacuum created by the delay in the justice system. Natural justice needs to be seen to be served – in a timely manner.”

“This case is not the norm – not because of the charges laid, but because of the intense public interest and the profile of Tony Veitch.”

“While participants in lower profile cases may be able to continue with some semblance of normality until their ‘day in court’, for high profile cases like this one, it simply is not possible,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First is calling on the government to invest in the justice system so that families involved in court cases are not victimised in an unnecessary or ongoing manner because of delays in our court processes.


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