Anti-Smacking Law Putting Families Through Hell

Family First NZ has published further evidence that the anti-smacking law is penalizing good parents while failing to have any effect on the rates of actual child abuse.

They have published advertisements entitled “Help to Hell” in Sunday papers highlighting five further cases where good parents have been investigated for non-abusive smacking.

“The tragedy is that families are seeking help in their role as parents but as soon as they acknowledge that they smack or have smacked, they are immediately being referred to CYF and their children are being removed,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The anti-smacking legislation is being used as a legislative sledgehammer by CYF and other agencies who should be working with these types of families, not against them.”

Other cases include a young girl who told CYF she was being smacked because she was upset at being grounded, a young boy who admitted to a friend’s mother that he sometimes got a smack and CYF investigated, and a mum who was trying to settle her 3 year old to sleep while at work and was suspended for giving the daughter a tap on the back of the hand.

“The politicians have tried to link light smacking with child abuse and in the process have created a ‘snitch’ mentality causing the abuse of child abuse laws, huge angst and trauma for good families, while ignoring the ‘rotten’ parents who we should be targeting our resources and efforts at,” says Mr McCoskrie. “The child abuse rate has continued unabated.”

“The message is clear to the new government. The evidence is in. Fix this law and leave good parents to raise law-abiding and responsible citizens.”


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