Upper Hutt Community Slams Liberalised Brothel Laws

Family First NZ says that the Upper Hutt community has given a resounding no to Upper Hutt City Council’s attempts to liberalise prostitution laws.

Previously the law banned brothels from residential areas or within 200 metres of a school, kindergarten, playcentre, pre- or after-school care centre, play area, place of worship, or rest home.

The draft Bylaw amends the existing bylaw by allowing a sole sex worker to operate from his or her own home, reducing the buffer zone of a brothel to 100m of a school, kindy, or place of worship, and permits brothels in limited areas of the central business district including the central shopping area.

“But the Council has been given a strong rebuke of its proposals with virtually all of the 50 submissions opposing its liberalisation of the laws.”

“Brothels should not be allowed in residential areas for obvious reasons and there is no good reason for reducing the buffer zone to 100m. The idea of a buffer zone is to prevent unnecessary exposure to children and families,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“There is a strong association between brothels and gang involvement, drug and alcohol abuse, used condoms littered about, and general nuisance. This is unacceptable in both residential, public and family areas. The buffer zone is also an attempt to prevent unnecessary exposure of the sex industry to children and young people, and to prevent normalisation of the behaviour.”

“The decriminalisation of prostitution has been a community disaster harming families, businesses, and the welfare of workers caught in the industry. Cities throughout NZ have been trying to deal with the ‘hospital pass’ given by the politicians when they passed this law. It’s time the new National government fixed the law.”

Family First NZ will be speaking to their submission at the Upper Hutt City Council at 4pm today (Tuesday 24 February).

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